continuousqa 70 @ 10/12/2014 04:53:28 PM EDT

Really Wrong

As a student researcher at Cambridge, they told me I would be working with nano machines. They told me I was building nano flagella, used as a support structure for other nano machines - giving access to building structures around individual cells. Little did I know the true nature of these experiments.

We always worked with living subjects, but by nights end, they never survived the process. Primates was our animal of choice. Project supervisors informed us we were developing new methods to prolong life... and so we did.

We reached Stage 45 in the project, on Oct. 11, 2014. As an eager student researcher, I made it a point to always show up to the campus laboratory as early as possible - before anyone else was on site. I got more work done that way.

This morning however, was quite different. Primate #047695, who was pronounced dead around 5:25pm the previous day, was still in it's 'box.' But it was now moving. Thrilled that our new stage had actually kept the primate alive (in some near death like state), I broke protocol and opened the box.

Sharp teeth dug into my shoulder, as claws tore my glasses off my face. The primate was wild, vicious and seemed hardly alive at all. Within seconds I could feel the virulence produced by the nano machines spreading through my own cellular structure. Muscles spasmed, as though dying. My eyes rolled back as I slumped to the floor. Thoughts subsided. Death was inevitable... but it never came.

The primate test subject burst through the doors of the laboratory as I lay dormant, feeling only a hunger beginning to rise.