Consumed by my daily missions.

2:33 AM... Screams echo outside. Not a peacock. Terrifying!!! Take my pistol from the night stand. Check on my family. Clear my home... Look out the windows. I see nothing... I head back to my sleepless bed.

3:33 AM... I hear snarling and scratching at my front door. Not a raccoon, something much larger. I move to look out the peep hole, when all of the sudden my door comes crashing down upon me. I'm pinned down!!! A rotten hand frantically scratches at me from the side. Adrenalin pumping; I toss the door and its bearer off of me. Now I can see who... wtf... I've lost my pistol during the scuffle. It's coming back at me fast! I retreat to the living room. A fire place poker will do. It lunges at me again. Swing and a hit. It doesn't seem bothered by loosing half of its face. With still one good eye it proceeds with assault. I pin it between a table and wall; as it scratches at me tearing flesh from skin. I use all my strength to lunge the poker through its head, pinning it to the dry wall.

Still in shock while assessing the situation I hear screaming and groaning from my sons room. I run to him; twisting my ankle on my found pistol. 3 more of the these monsters have taken his life. They are huddled around him feasting... I empty my clip. They turn their attention to me. I run to a closet holding the door shut while they scratch and groan outside. There must be dozens now. I hear my wife and daughter screaming. All I can do is hold the door shut while I cry. I start feeling nauseous. Much worse than sick. I lose my strength to hold the door and fall to the floor. My half eaten wife opens the door with her new friends. They stare past me...

I am now UnDead...

continuousqa 70 @ 10/12/2014 04:53:28 PM EDT

Really Wrong

As a student researcher at Cambridge, they told me I would be working with nano machines. They told me I was building nano flagella, used as a support structure for other nano machines - giving access to building structures around individual cells. Little did I know the true nature of these experiments.

We always worked with living subjects, but by nights end, they never survived the process. Primates was our animal of choice. Project supervisors informed us we were developing new methods to prolong life... and so we did.

We reached Stage 45 in the project, on Oct. 11, 2014. As an eager student researcher, I made it a point to always show up to the campus laboratory as early as possible - before anyone else was on site. I got more work done that way.

This morning however, was quite different. Primate #047695, who was pronounced dead around 5:25pm the previous day, was still in it's 'box.' But it was now moving. Thrilled that our new stage had actually kept the primate alive (in some near death like state), I broke protocol and opened the box.

Sharp teeth dug into my shoulder, as claws tore my glasses off my face. The primate was wild, vicious and seemed hardly alive at all. Within seconds I could feel the virulence produced by the nano machines spreading through my own cellular structure. Muscles spasmed, as though dying. My eyes rolled back as I slumped to the floor. Thoughts subsided. Death was inevitable... but it never came.

The primate test subject burst through the doors of the laboratory as I lay dormant, feeling only a hunger beginning to rise.

O1P 74 @ 10/11/2014 07:08:13 PM EDT

Now, more are dead than alive...

These dead are much different, On the living, they thrive.

Your house is surrounded, so don't make a sound.

They'll knock down your door and tear at your flesh.

You, too, are now staggering... rotten, pile of mess...

BrainEater_zZz 1002 @ 10/15/2014 01:11:21 PM EDT

today i eat many people...

some man.

some woman.


funny they cry.

"pleasssseee, don't eat me!!!!"

hahahahah, dont they know i zombie?

GoGiveSocial 19 @ 10/11/2014 07:38:32 PM EDT


Dreaming of love and life while something keeps itching... burning... I awake to find my stomach's innards in the hands of my undead wife!


meId10t 22 @ 10/17/2014 11:41:13 PM EDT


Wondering the streets
Looking for fresh meat to eat
Lots of grub out here

Blood stains all over
End trails clinging to my cloths
Also in my teeth

I need many more
Trapped more folks in an alley
yum yum in my tum

NathanBretado 18 @ 10/15/2014 02:09:12 AM EDT

bathroom are never safe!!! trust me

while taking my dally poo,and checking twitter on my phone I heard a scream. I thought it was my baby sister crying again. and about 10 seconds later I heard someone pushing on the bathroom door. I said, be right out. when I finished I opened the door and I saw a zombie! I tried to close the door but I was surrounded. I tried to kill them with the plunger but a plunger is not a very good weapon. That day I became one of those foul monsters.